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Welcome To 8 to The bar

At 8 To The Bar We are dediCated to bringing you snacks that are gluten free and delicious!
We source quality ingredients and combine them in chewy goodness.
so what are you waiting for...start snacking on the good stuff!


At 8 To The Bar we make deliciously delightful gluten free  snacks.  There are 8 wholesome ingredients in every bite! We use all natural and organic ingredients blended with raw, unfiltered honey.  Our Snacks are chewy and delicious!



Our Honey Almond Harmony is available in either an 1.8 ounce snack bar,  1.8 ounce single serving pouch or an 8 ounce bite size package. Our newest creation, Dark Chocolate Concerto, is available in a 6 ounce bite size package and an 1.8 ounce single serving pouch.