Jim created the recipe for 8 To The Bar, our gluten free snacks, because he was craving something healthy and delicious to munch on during recording sessions. He wasn't thrilled with the offerings available in stores, so he devoted hours to finding the perfect combination of nuts, dried fruits and oats. Seeking perfection was nothing new to him! As a professional musician, producer and recording engineer, Jim was used to spending hours in the practice room or recording studio honing his craft.

Jim brought a batch of his gluten free snacks to a family get- together and Cousin Kathy tried them. Of course her reaction was "WOW, this is amazing!" As a personal trainer, exercise enthusiast and mom on the go, Kathy was always looking for  delicious, healthy and nutritious snack alternatives for herself and her family. She found it in Jim's gluten free snack creation. There was nothing else like it in the marketplace and Kathy knew it would be a hit!

With Jim's musical background, it seemed fitting that our gluten free snacks should have a musical twist to it!  With 8 nuts, oats and fruits in their delicious snacks,  what could be more natural than 8 To The Bar.  So together Jim and Kathy bring you these scrumptious gluten free and dairy free snacks!  See it, Taste it, Love it!!!