about us

At 8 to the Bar, a name inspired by the musical expression give me 8 beats to the bar, we make snacks to fuel your passion. And for us, our passion began with music. In fact, Jim has always had a real hunger for it—so much so that he needed a healthy, delicious snack to sustain him during long recording sessions in his studio. Not loving what he found in the marketplace, he created his own.

Just like a great piece of music, Jim shared his snack with family and friends, devoured at parties while listening to great tunes. And that’s where Kathy had her first bite and the two decided to join forces.

From that moment forward, our primary mission at 8 to the Bar has been to make great tasting snacks with clean, minimal ingredients. Yes, music inspires us, but our snacks are what energize us.

Take a bite. We hope you’ll be singing our praises!

See It, Taste It, Love It!