Easy and Healthy Snacks You Can Feel Great About Giving Your Kids

Whether you're snacking at home, at the game, or in the car, junk food doesn't have to be the solution. With even a little planning, you can have nutritious options ready for the kids in a snap. Quick bites between meals are a breeze with these easy and healthy snacks you can feel great about giving your kids.

Fresh Veggies

Image via Flickr by Daddy-David

If your kids aren't thrilled with veggies when dinner time rolls around, sneak in a few at snack time. Try raw veggies like baby carrots, mini cucumber slices, and small broccoli florets, and make the experience even more fun by adding one or two dips. Stay healthy with options like hummus or guacamole, which you can flavor for little ones' palates.

Mini Sandwiches

Need something a little more substantial? Use mini bagels to make sandwiches that are just right for small hands. Let kids help put the sandwiches together, with ingredients like lean meats, fresh cheeses, and veggie garnishes.

Do-It-Yourself Smoothies

Even picky eaters can get excited about smoothies. Much more than the sum of their ingredients, smoothies are a cool project for kids of all ages. Let kids add ingredients like yogurt, fruit, or milk to the blender and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Snack Bars

Whether you're snacking at home or on the go, 8 to the bar snack bars are packed with wholesome ingredients in every bite. Skip the junk, and let the kids munch on organic almonds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, and figs. All 8 to the bar snacks are free from refined sugar, so you can feel good about sharing these healthy treats with the kids.

Trail Mix

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When kids just want a little of everything, trail mix is an easy solution. Purchase bite-sized snacks, or have a small stash of ingredients on hand and let kids create their own trail mix. Nuts, dried fruit, and crunchy cereal are a tasty start.

Crunchy Snacks

Crispy, crunchy snacks are a hit with big or little kids. Let little ones munch on healthy, whole grain cereal, and let big kids go for something more advanced like pretzel sticks and twists. Add a side of dip-worthy peanut or almond butter for an interactive snack experience.

Fun Fruits

Most health experts recommend that kids keep their sugar intake low, especially when it comes to added sweeteners. Fruit offers plenty of sweet flavor without all the additives. To make fruit even more enticing, use small cookie cutters to turn fruit into shapes like stars and hearts.

New Treats

Bored of the same old goodies? Snack time is great for introducing new foods. Without the pressure of mealtime, kids can try a bite or two of something brand new. Slice up a new-to-them fruit like pineapple or mango or try food with a different texture like avocado.

Snack time should be fun and easy. Don't hesitate to leave any of these healthy foods within arm's reach so kids can grab a bite when a snack attack hits.