5 Yummy Ways to Eat 8tothebar

Granola is a healthy addition to any snack or meal, but its chewy health bar form can become boring day in and day out. Looking for a fresh new way to get some 8tothebar in your day? Try these creative strategies that will have you munching on this healthful choice from breakfast till dessert.

Prepare a Parfait

8tothebar is a star player in any deliciously layered parfait. The options for customizing this treat are endless, but the core components are yogurt, fruit, and granola. Crumble your favorite 8tothebar product over your favorite type of yogurt for a decadent layer that includes both the hearty crunch of 8tothebar and the added flavors of fruits, nuts, seeds, honey, or chocolate. Add a layer of fresh fruit for a juicy and nutritious punch. The options are endless, so start experimenting!

Make a Muffin Topping

Image via Flickr by Southern Fairytale (Rachel)

Enhance your latest batch of healthy muffins with an 8tothebar topping. Whip up your favorite muffin batter, and spoon it into a muffin tin. Crumble an 8tothebar granola bar and sprinkle the pieces on top of the batter before baking. Your finished product will have a satisfying crunch on top of a soft, moist muffin. This is the perfect breakfast treat for a busy morning. It takes just seconds to grab a muffin, but the added texture of 8tothebar will make you feel like you're enjoying a gourmet bakery treat.

Dress Up Baked Apples

There's something about a soft baked apple that adds a touch of homey charm to any dinner. Whether you're entertaining guests or just throwing together something special for yourself, this is a delicious and healthy way to finish off a meal. Dress up your baked apple dessert and give it that extra crunch with a little 8tothebar on top. If you're feeling particularly decadent, spoon a bit of vanilla ice cream on, as well.

Give Your Salad More Crunch

We all know about the health benefits of a colorful salad, but sometimes a plate of greens just doesn't feel satisfying. You can solve this problem by adding a crunchy 8tothebar topping. Choose a simple honey-based flavor for a sweet touch that is not too overwhelming. A
little 8tothebar works particularly well on a salad that features other sweet elements such as blueberries, strawberries, dried cranberries, or creamy goat cheese.

Try a variety of 8tothebar granola products, from sweet to salty, with these recipes, and discover just how versatile these products can be.