Why You Should Eliminate Refined Sugars From Your Diet

People often discuss the dangers of sugar, but not everyone understands what those are. Since childhood, humans associate dessert with sugary treats, never appreciating the dangers of the substance. There's a reason why every discussion of healthy eating leads with the need to remove refined sugars from your diet. Here's a guide that explains why.

It's Not Natural

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Natural sugar is what you likely associate with the concept of sugar itself. That's a mistake. Yes, many fruits that grow from the ground and on trees include natural sugar. Most of what you'll purchase in stores, however, features refined sugar. This is the output of the process wherein machinery extracts the desired ingredients from sugar canes and sugar beets.
As part of the procedure, the usual output becomes sucrose, a derivative combination of fructose and glucose. You'll find none of these words in a guide to healthy eating. That's because sugar doesn't feature nutrients, and those are the reason why you eat.

The Danger of Desserts

Nutrients aid in body processes, while refined sugar is simply empty calories. You'd treat your body much better by skipping refined sugars altogether and replacing with something just as tasty but healthier. Unfortunately, people fetishize desserts and thereby train themselves to associate horribly unhealthy foods as special treats. This isn't just ridiculous. It's dangerous.

Sugar is addictive and fattening. When you eat refined sugar products, you may enjoy a few moments of the flavor. What you'll receive in return guarantees that the juice isn't worth the squeeze. The odds of heart disease increase dramatically. Studies link sugar intake with cardiovascular issues. People with a caloric sugar intake of 17 to 21 percent are almost 40 percent more likely to die from heart disease. How's that box of donuts looking right now?

Building a Better You

Do you love the natural high that you get from exercising? Most people living healthy would say yes. A key part of becoming the best version of yourself is understanding that sugar is your worst nightmare. Even a few bites of something full of refined sugar will force you to spend more time at the gym. The math of the situation should identify this. Americans consume an average of 140 calories a day just from sugary beverages. You'll have to walk two miles to burn an equivalent amount of calories. Doesn't this make a snack pack without refined sugars sound delicious and smart by comparison? You should also use natural sweeteners like honey and coconut sugar in lieu of refined sugar whenever possible.
Also, keep in mind that childhood obesity is one of the worst problems facing American youth, and the explanation for it comes down to a single issue. Kids suffer from excessively sugary diets, and the end result is terrifying. Research shows that when children wind up with excessive fructose, some scary science transpires. The sugar cells mature way ahead of schedule, which means the waist expands outward.
Given the above, you now understand why refined sugar is your enemy rather than your friend. You should take every step possible to eat healthier, avoiding refined sugar at all costs.


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