Just A Jersey Girl Living In A Gluten Free World

As Many of you know I make Gluten Free Snacks for a living. Yes and they are so, so very delicious!!!  So why Gluten Free.  Well I must say that when we started on this venture of making 8 To The Bar Snacks, I didn't know a lot about the gluten free market. Really all I knew of gluten free at that point was mushy gluten free pasta, bad tasting gluten free bars and gummy gluten free bread.  It wasn't until I started on this gluten free snack venture that I discovered all the amazing gluten free goodies out there. 
I have actually discovered some pretty decent gluten free pasta and some really good gluten free bread...I am partial to Canyon Bakehouse Multi Grain....It is yummy toasted.  However, my favorite gluten free snack bar is still our Honey Almond Harmony snack bar.  Also, have you tried our Dark Chocolate Concerto snack bite package...Outrageous!!!   
OK so on to the next topic.....lets talk GMO!  So if you are gonna be gluten free you really need to look for items that are non gmo or organic or both.  A lot of gluten free products use corn starch or corn products  and lets face it, Corn is a big GMO Crop.  Always look for products made with non gmo and/or organic ingredients.  One last note...always support local farms in your area because local is always better.