The Art Of Snacking!

So they say we should eat 5 meals a day! Of course, you probably knew that the 5 meals include the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, did you know that it includes a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack? Those extra 2 meals are what I call the Art of Snacking. I refer to it as an art because snacking takes know how, decision making and an actual quality of ingredients, just like a great piece of art.

When we look at the possibilities of a morning and afternoon snack, we want to look at snacks that are going to energize us and sustain us. We need the know how to make the right snacking decisions. Plant based protein, like almonds, walnuts, pepitas and sunflower seeds that have high fiber are a great choice for snacking. In addition, oats are a great choice and are an important part of a heart healthy diet. It is best to pick snacks with no refined sugar. You might be tempted to pick a snack with a sugar substitute but don’t my friends. Not only do these so called fake sugar substitutes taste terrible they are also horrible for you. It’s better to not deprive yourself! Live by this motto:


I Love to snack and I make it part of my day, everyday! It sustains me in the morning and it energizes me in the afternoon. I know if I make the right choices I can feel great and satisfied!. By snacking everyday on the right things, I don’t really ever over indulge. Again….Everything in Moderation!

So join the snacking phenomenon! It’s an art easily learned and much loved!

Kathy MonahanComment